Monday, 26 March 2012

Create Free Websites

A good way to make a free website is with Google blogger / blogspot. It is a100% free blog creation platform that you can use to promote your hobby or web content.
Blogger Blogspot Tutorial

This tutorial will show you step by step how to make a Blogger Blogspot Blog.
This is an example of one of my personal blogs I have created with Google Blogger / Blogspot.

As you can see I'm not promoting my own brand with my own domain name, but, but it is a free subdomain and web hosting.
Step 1: Register or login with your Google account

Type in your web browser and you will get to the blogger website.
If you already have a Google account then simply login. If not then you will have to first create a Google account by clicking on the Get started link as you can see on the pic below.

After successfully creating your Google account or logged in with your existing account you will see the following. In this case it is my Blogger dashboard and it displays all my existing FREE blogs that I have created. You will see lots of blogs that I have created.

Step 2: Create a Blog

The next step is to fill in your profile details that has the red square marking and also upload your picture. This is optional.
You will have to click on the Create a Blog link in the below screenshot to create your FREE Blogger blog.

After clicking on the Create a Blog link you will get to the following step.
Step 3: Name your blog

Give your blog a title. So if you plan to promote shoes then you will type in for example "My Shoe Store", "Lorenzo Shoe Blog" etc.
Next you will check if your blog name is available by filling in your desired name and clicking on check availability hyperlink. Have a look at screenshot below.

If your desired blog name is available then you can type in the Spam verification code in the input box and click continue to the next step.
Step 4: Choose your blog template

The template page appear and you will have to choose a blog template. Choose a tempplate and cick on continue.

You will get the following notification to say that your blog has been successfully created.

Congratulations! You have successfully create a 100% free Blogger / Blogspot blog.
You can now start with your first blog post and even customize it further by clicking on the relevant links.
You can also make money by adding a Google Adsense widget and many other widgets.


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