Saturday, 17 March 2012

Samsung How To Activate Fake Call

How to Activate Fake Call Service in Samsung Corby Txt Mobile Phone?

This fake call service is best useful for business people or employee's and many more advantages you will come to know once you read this article.

This feature is useful to get out a unwanted situation's or public meeting where you don't want to stay there longer. All you have to have to do first is get this fake call and set a voice or you can also use this feature without the voice depends according to your wish or requirement.

Go to Menu --> Setting --> Application Settings --> Fake call --> Fake call voice (or) No voice--> record a voice or something accordingly to your wish.

After this step bring your fake call application to your shortcut
Go to Menu --> Setting --> Phone Settings --> Shortcuts Select Up (or) Down --> Options --> Change --> fake call --> Save --> Back to Home Screen

Now Press Up (or) Down key as save in the above step you will get an alert "Activate Fake Call"
After Activation with in 7 seconds you will get a call Answer the call and leave from your desired location.

Once you get used to this usage everything will be okey for you to use it.

Enjoy fake calling feature of best stylish SAMSUNG CORBY TXT.!!! I practically used this feature.


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