Saturday, 17 March 2012

Facebook bug in groups,Admin Cannot Remove Group Member

VERY IMPORTANT – There is a bug in some Facebook groups  which enables members to be invisible to the group administrator. When this happens the group administrator cannot remove the member as they cannot see them on the members’ list. Normally to remove a member, the administrator simply goes to to the list of members where they also have an option to permanent ban a member. The implications of a member’s invisibility are very serious as you can imagine.
EXAMPLE – There is one prominent Facebook group where one member had an inappropriate picture and the administrator could not remove them. You can imagine the massive embarrassment it was causing to the group and the tarnishing of the brand for the group and company with such a picture. In this example the new member to the group had immediately adjusted their settings after joining the group and the administrator try as he might,  could not remove him from the group.  Be very careful who you add to your group, especially the open groups.
HOW – How did the group member become invisible? I have no idea. Neither does the group administrator for the group in question. Hopefully this is a bug that Facebook can quickly fix.
ALL GROUPS – I do not know if this Facebook bug or problem affects all types of groups (Open and Closed groups) or is a random problem or it just applies to specific types of groups.
MORE INFO – In the example above which was an open group, the guilty group member was visible to other ordinary group members but not the group administrator. To fix this the administrator appointed someone else as a admin on a temporary basis. The new admin was able to see the guilty group member and remove them. Have you had any problem with Facebook groups. I would love to hear from you. Send your comments please.   


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