Sunday, 25 March 2012

Facebook spam videos how to avoid/block them

Day in, day out, I keep getting tagged by my facebook friends in weird videos due to some mistake on their own part. These friends didn’t intentionally tag me but some of these videos can sometimes be so disgusting. There was a time Facebook had some problem dealing with a widespread pornographic scambut it seems to be different now. Weird videos keep spreading and users tag their friends unknowingly and drag their friends into the whole thing.
Where do these videos come from?
The source of these video spam sometimes can’t be traced but it’s usually caused by allowing viruses, malwares and spammy applications. Someone with one or two hacking skills might decide to create an application to market his site to facebook users in form of video spam. Some of these might even make you lose your fb accountif your affected account poses a threat to other facebook users.
Just this morning the spam came in form of a message from one of my friends on facebook.

And just last week, I got tagged in a video that I knew was spam right away. I tried checking my timeline to show a screenshot here but it’s nowhere to be found. I guessed facebook removed it already.  Here is one of the thise I’ve had before:

Other know spam messages, videos and posts often have titles similar to these:
- The World Funniest Condom Commercial – LOL
- This Woman Has a Orgasm on a Roller Coaster! LOL
- This Girl Killed Herself after Her Dad Posted This on Her Wall
- Rofl I Cant Believe You Are Tagged in This Video
- Nicki Minaj S-e-x Tape – Exclusive
How Do I Avoid Getting Involved in these Things?
Since I started using facebook, I’ve never tagged anyone in any spam post because I’m always careful not to let any application control my facebook account.
- Do not grant doubtful applications access to your account
- Never follow links with many friends tagged
- Do not watch any of these tempating videos
- Also, never comment on these posts
Alright, I’m Already Affected!  How Do I Stop Spamming my Friends?
These spam posts have different threat levels and what you have to do to block / stop them depend onwhether your computer has been infected by a malware or you’ve granted access to an application.
1.        First thing first, remove the video from your profile / wall / timeline
2.        Tell your friends not to click on any link from you and claim that you’re not directly responsible. This will reduce the spread
3.        Scan you computer with an antivirus and malwares. You should also clean tracking cookies from spam websites with Ccleaner.
4.        If you’ve granted a facebook application access to post on your behalf, follow these steps:
- Click on the Applications link on the left

This takes you to your list of used applications where you can remove the ones spamming your wall.


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