Monday, 26 March 2012

Fake Call Your Freinds

People usually try to bring something new and try them on their friends so that they can impress them and side by side depress them with their funny pranks. So pranking has become a latest fashion in todays world so some people prank physically and some mentally so we have already posted many articles on different pranking methods you can use to depress or make fun of your friends.
Today we are taking it to a new level by revealing you another amazing online fake callingservice called “CrazyCall”. This service is simply unbelievable and works quit perfect, so there is no point of saying that this service is useless as I have tried it and it works perfect. Some of you might have used it but some of you don’t know what is Crazy Call, so okay for all those who do not know what is Crazy Call it’s a simple online service which connects your call through their server to anyone you wanna talk in the world.
Crazy Call is not a free service as it charges with their international call prices but well if someone want to prank with you than some price cost is nothing to matter. So you should check steps below to see how Crazy Call works.

visit here
2. Now you will be on their website which looks something like below .:

3. Now you can see that theirs a Green Box above in the image asking you too choose country and than insert numbers you wanna display and make your call too, insert everything like below I have done in the image.

4. Choose the country like I am in India and than the Number you wanna display like I have put 9191919191 you can put any number you wanna display and than put the number you wanna make your call too like 999xxxxxxx and choose in which voice you wanna make your call to, this is the best option and if you do not know about this thing this feature will simply manipulate your voice into female or harsh male really awesome.

5. Now click on GET ME A CODE and you will than navigate to their another page which will give you two numbers to call and a code which you have to enter when your call is connected.

6. So now you can call any one of those numbers above, two numbers are given just in case you are not able to call with one number you can connect your call with another one and than when your call is connected the computer asks you to enter the code you see above just enter that and boom your call will be connected with your friend displaying him the fake number you entered.
7. So now enjoy this fake call and make your friends cry, tell them it’s a call from their college and they have been suspended for not attending lectures or anything you know better than me how to prank them make sure to read the below Warning.
The call costs you with International Prices, it works good but it costs like Rs. 15 for 1 Minute call, and from my experience I tried it out and the service was good there is no advertisement or anything but it charged me like Rs. 30 for 2 Minute so beware of it only use this service if you really want some serious prank else do not use this service.


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