Monday, 26 March 2012

Download Fifa 12 Free


EA Sports has recently launched its new game title called FIFA Soccer 12 on Gamescom 2011. Gamers can download the FIFA 12 PC Demo from EA official site at free of charge. Even the game is made to playable on Console platforms like XBOX 360, Play Station 3 and Nintendo Wii. The new FIFA Soccer 12 is latest edition from FIFA franchise which is going to rock both fifa and soccer fans in this month. The new interactive gameplay of FIFA 12 was simply outstanding and they also added new features like Player Impact Engine, developed based on the new physics engine which is going to deliver real world physicality  in every interaction on the pitch.

The game was playable with decent frame rates and very well optimized for all PC with low end system configurations which will have minimum entry level Graphic Cards like Nvidia 8 series GPU and ATi Radeon 5 series GPU. The innovative game play gives enthusiast gaming experience feels like you are really playing on real world soccer environment. Even the game characters was designed more realistic to look like real Rolando, shadow and lighting effects are become much more detailed, this effects will changed automatically while you playing on different weather conditions like sunny, warm, rainy and cool. The controlling mechanism becomes so smooth and enjoyable to when you play game on PC with an XBOX controller, it makes you easy to pass the ball to other member and shoot the ball quickly into the goal.

The Full version of FIFA 12 game is available on September 27th 2011 in all leading Game Stores with price tag around 59.5$ in US. Check the prices before buying the game in both online and Game Stalls.

Note:  Prices may vary according to the console platform, for PC PS3 and XBOX 360 the price tag is same 59.5$, for Nintendo Wii and 3DS Sony PS2 and PSP the price tag is $39.95.

Minimum System Requirements to Play FIFA 12 Game on PC

Operating System : Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Core 2 duo 2.66Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 245e
GPU : 256MB Directx 9 Graphic Card with  either Nvidia Gefore GTX240 or ATi Radeon 3870

RAM : 2GB RAM is enough to play the game very smooth
Hard disk : 9GB free space is needed to install the full version of the game and right now for Demo 3GB space is enough to install the game.

Here you can watch the Videos of FIFA Soccer 12 Demo Gameplay

Click on Below Link for downloading the game. After completely downloading the file, there will be zip file extract into some folder and click on setup.exe it will may take 10 to 20minutes to install the game on your PC.The file size of fifa 12 demo is 1.54GB check the hard disk space before downloading the file.
download fifa 12 from fere


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