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50 Small Facebook Tricks

The tips and tricks in this post come from the firefox plugin directory, the userscripts database, and facebook itself.
If you know of any additional facebook tips and tricks worth sharing let us know in the comments below!

For example, the custom url of my personal profile is:
You can customize the URLs of your own facebook profile and pages by surfing to:

50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks

If you go to you will be able to choose how you would like to syndicate your status updates, as RSS or Text Messages.

50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks
With the Twitter app for Facebook. This app will import all tweets as status updates, which may alienate your fb friends with useless @replies if they do not have twitter.

50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks is a site that allows you to import your contacts from a variety of address books, and schedule status updates to multiple networks.
Status updates supported by Sendible include: your Facebook Wall, Facebook Page, and other Social Media sites like Twitter and Linkedin.

50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks
OutSync is a free Windows application that syncs photos of your Facebook friends with matching contacts in Microsoft Outlook.
This application allows you to select which contacts are updated.
With this app you can update all contacts at once or just a few at a time.
50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks

With the Static FBML app by faceboook.
Using this app you can create a custom “welcome” tab for your facebook page, customize the sidebar of your wall, and more!

50 Great Facebook Tips and TricksFacePAD is a plugin for Firefox. better known as the Facebook Photo Album Downloader will allow you to download your friends’ entire Facebook albums with a click of a button.

A50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricksn unofficial Flickr to Facebook uploader (bookmarklet).
This app allows you to easily upload photos to Facebook from Flickr.

50 Great Facebook Tips and TricksThe Google owned Picasa comes complete with an uploader app for Facebook.
This app also gives you the option of uploading the Picasa captions and resizing your photos before uploading them to facebook.
Add a simple button to Picasa that lets you upload your photos straight to Facebook! You can put photos in an existing album or create a new one.

Facebook turns emails into images so until recently there was no easy way to download the emails of your friends without manually copying them all out. Luckily before I did this I discovered the video below.
The video above shows how Yahoo offers a service that will automatically pull all of your facebook emails into a coma separated list.

This Greasemonkey Plugin script – Facebook: Cleaner removes many of the annoying ads and updates that otherwise will appear on your Facebook pages.

50 Great Facebook Tips and TricksAfter you link the Selective Tweets App with your Twitter account, any tweets you select will be sent to Facebook.
Select tweets for facebook by using the hashtag #FB in your tweet and it will appear also as a Facebook status update.

C50 Great Facebook Tips and Trickshit chat for facebook is a desktop messaging program for Windows.
This msn style chat program delivers a better experience than the browser based version of facebook chat, since it is not stuck to the bottom of a browser.
Chit chat offers tabs for managing multiple conversations at once.
If you are a Mac user you should check out the widely popular program Adium since it integrates facebook chat, and msn messenger!

Here is an image showing all of the available Facebook Chat Smileys and Symbols.

50 Great Facebook Tips and TricksFriend lists on facebook make it so you can appear online to some friend lists while appearing offline to other lists of friends.
If you only wanted to talk to your best friends, for example, then simply create a list called best friends and leave inonline, and set all other lists to offline.
In the image shown to the left you will see that I have only three of my lists online.
Due to lists in the image in the left I have only 114 of my fiends online at the time I took this screenshot.
Any friends who are within my offline lists will appear offline to me, even if they are online.

If you already have facebook synced with your phone you can send a status update by sending a text message to 32665.  Syncing your phone with facebook is a simple seven step process.
  1. Login to facebook.
  2. Click on Account, and account settings.
  3. Click the Mobile tab.
  4. you will see a link for “Register for Facebook Mobile Texts”. Click this link and fill out the information requested, including your cell phone number.
  5. A text message with a confirmation code will then be sent to your phone.
  6. Add in this confirmation code at the website listed in the text. At this point you are registered to update your Facebook message with texts.
  7. Now you can update your status by sending a text message to 32665.

A great way to stay connected with facebook via a free service called nutshellmail.  Nutshell mail delivers well designed facebook updates, and offers a similar service for both Twitter and Linkedin.

Firestatus is A status update utility for multiple social networks, including Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, delicious and more.
50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks

Simply browse to from your mobile phone, and you will be able to access the mobile version of fb.

Socialistics is a comprehensive social insight tool.50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks
This facebook app provides an integrated analysis of your friends and networks.
All graphs are a reflection of stats relating to your friends.
But more interestingly Socialistics creates detailed tag clouds that are a reflection of you and your relationships with people in your networks.
This isn’t Top Friends. It’s much more. It’s an attempt to start understanding who you are within the network you operate within.

Yes it’s possible, all thanks to a little Greasemonkey script called Facebook Autopoke.
I am hesitant towards this app.  What if someone you don’t want to poke pokes you?  Do you really want to automatically poke them back?
If you maximize your poking potential and are comfortable poking anyone this app is for you! 50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks

Go to and note a special “upload” email address that has been assigned to you by facebook.
Any photograph (or video clip) that is sent to this address via email will instantly get posted to your facebook page.

50 Great Facebook Tips and TricksYarrr matey!
Change the language of Facebook to English (Pirate) BETA.
Make yaaar status updates walk the plank.

This app allows you to view your Facebook news feed and update your status from iGoogle. According to the comments this app works great in Firefox, but not Google Chrome.

After you export all of the email addresses of your facebook friends (see tip #11) you can import them using twitter’s find friends tool, so that you can connect with your facebook friends on twitter.

With the social web browser flock (built from mozilla technology).

Fmail allows you to check your Gmail without leaving Facebook.
Additionally, Fmail attempts to rate your email, so you can quickly differentiate between what’s important and what can wait.

This site offers two options for downloading videos from facebook, both of which are very easy to use.

With FBquick.
FBquick is a quick and easy way to get all your facebook notifications right on your desktop.


Press ALT while pointing to a profile or picture of a use to do common tasks such send poke, message, view album etc.

This script adds a custom color scheme to facebook based on profile pictures.

Digsby is a cool program that integrates email, IM, and Social Networks.

With the Reviews App for Facebook, your friends and customers can leave honest opinions about your business.
Reviews lets your prospective fans know what to expect with you and can influence people interacting with your business.

This Greasemonkey script Places an expandable Facebook Sharer into each Google Reader item so that websites can be shared with Facebook friends and on a Facebook profile from Reader with a couple clicks

Not everybody knows how powerful facebook search is.
Facebook search has a lot of advanced options to help you search like a pro.
A complete list of search tips for Facebook can be found in the Help section of

Dashboard Widget is a widget developed for the Mac OS X dashboard. It is designed to show notifications from the Facebook website.

RSS Graffiti is an app that periodically checks the RSS feeds that you specify and posts new entries to the Facebook Walls that you specify.
You can get any feed written on any wall. In fact, multiple feeds to multiple walls. You choose the combination.
This app is used by Seth Godin to bring his blog into his facebook page.

With Tweetdeck.
Tweetdeck is the most popular Social Media desktop tool.
They enable multiple account management and facebook status updating.
Make sure to check out my Ultimate TweetDeck Tutorial on

50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook for Influencers is a useful resource developed by facebook, about how to build an effective facebook presence.
This facebook page is for anyone who wants to build a presence, engage an audience, and spread a message.

There are hundreds of apps recommended by facebook within the facebook app directory.

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto is a free plugin for iPhoto that enables you to export photos directly to Facebook, with captions and tags of your friends.
The plugin requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and iPhoto 5 or later.

If you are looking for the right icon to link with check out this facebook icon collection.

I just implemented this tip on this very page, as you can see below. 50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks
To do so I went to Plugins/Add New, and then searched for: “facebook like button.” I installed three different plugins but none worked well with my theme.   I decided to stick with the share button at the top of this post.
I recommend installing code for each button manually. Facebook provides a like button building tool that is quite easy to use, and generates code to copy and paste automatically.
50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks
You can get a like button by going to the like button plugin page within the facebook developers portal.
If you have a WordPress blog better way to install this feature into all of your posts and/or pages is with the wordpress plugin: WP FB Like. I installed over five facebook like plugins and this one was the easiest to configure, so I recommend it.
If you don’t want a “like” button you can change the verb to “recommend”, as the image above shows.
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