Saturday, 7 April 2012

How to ignore unwanted email in Outlook

hey guys, this is my first trick in this blog. Hope you like this....

Some time your schedule gets too hectic that u dont have time to read emails conversation which are not much important to you. Even when you choose not to read those emails you still need to delete them. Here’s a good news, you need not have to read or even delete unwanted emails. Outlook lets you completely ignore them.

First you should know what a conversation mean:
' A Conversation is the complete chain of email messages from the first message through all responses. The messages of a Conversation have the same subject.'
Now, how we can ignore a conversation:
Select the message in the Reading pane.
Click the ‘Home’ tab, and then click ‘Ignore’ which is in the ‘Delete’ group, or press [Ctrl]+[Delete], or right-click the message and choose ‘Ignore’ from the resulting context menu.
Click ‘Ignore Conversation’.
          That’s it! thats all you need to do.

This solution will remove all emails belonging to this conversation from your Inbox. And when new message in that conversation is posted, Outlook automatically detours it, so it never even enters your Inbox.
The conversation’s not really gone and you can easily redeem it, as follows:
Select the Deleted Items folder.
Select any message in the conversation that you want to redeem.
Click Ignore in the Delete group.
Click Stop Ignoring Conversation.
When you stop ignoring a conversation, Outlook will move all messages in the conversation back to your Inbox.


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