Friday, 20 April 2012

How to Run JavaScript On Mozilla Firefox

we all know that in latest mozilla browsers when the javascript codes are run directly in address bar then instead of performing a task it searched the code in default search engine . you just follow the step by step for java script run in your address bar .

Follow Steps -

1. First you install this noscript extension in Your Firefox browser.

2. Now In Address bar type About:config And Then hit enter

3. Now Select i"ll be Careful, I promise Button and then it will show you to firefox configuration Settings .

4. Now You Search For The noscript.allowURL.BarJS in Filter Field

5. Now You right click on search result and select toogle . it will will change to true 

6. That's it now you can run any javascript by placing it directly in address bar .

I Hope you find this trick helpful .


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