Saturday, 7 April 2012

How To Turn ON your PC with a Double-Click of Mouse

Heya!! Good Morning..
Today I have Windows trick for you, Do you want to Turn On Turn ON your PC with a Double-Click of Mouse??
Yeah.. its really simple. You can do this easily, only go to BIOS just follow the below steps:

Steps are here:
1. First start your computer.
2. Now open your BIOS Screen (usually “Delete”, “F2″, "F12" keys)
3. When the BIOS message appears to enter your CMOS configuration. Select Integrated Peripherals from main menu
4. If PS/2 mouse power on DISABLED, then activate it. It will became “Double-Click“
5. Press “Esc” key to exit.

6. Now save and exit.
7. Turn off your PC.
8. Now double-click the left mouse button. Your PC will turn ON !

Enjoy our simple tricks....


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