Saturday, 7 April 2012

Speed Up ur Torrent in just 5 steps

Hello gud evng friends... thanks for like our older posts..which is how to hack wifi in college,school or an organisation ((posted by Aditya Kumar.)) and also a trick on wifi hacking posted by ((Princy Gupta))And also a good news also we have crossed 5 lakh visitors.. today i want to share a trick with you which is how to speed ur torrent in just 5 steps... i used this trick everyday..if you are not having this type of software then download from the link """"""""".by using this software you can download movies and other things.. so lets start..

Step 1))Run the utorrent Speed guide.
Go to Options -> Setup Guide -> BitTorrent. (Or press CTRL + In Bandwith; Choose a location                           which is nearest to where you live.In Network; 
Choose an appropiate Incoming Port, in this example it's "31821"After that just click "Run Tests" and wait.

Step 2))Portforward.. 

Step3))Enable protocol encrypting..
go to options...->preference..   ->bittorrent
set outgoing under protocol encryption to "enable",check allow incoming legency connections...

Step 4))Advanced:net.max_halfopen...
go to properties..
Reference.. ->advanced
set net.max_halfopen 100

Step5))Torrent connection and downloading limit...
go to options...->preference....bandwidth...
set global maximum download rate(kb/s):[0:unlimited]: to a value higher or equal to
set global maximmum number of connections to a value between 200-400..
set maximum number of connected peers per torrent to a value between 200-400..
By these five steps your torrent speed is increased.... check and comments me about trick.. if you have any problem or suggestion mail to me


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