Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Speed Up Your Internet Speed

1. First you go to start button

2. Go To Run

3. Type gpedit.msc And Then Hit Enter.

4.Then Expand Adminsitrative Templates.

5.Then Network

6.Then QoS Packet Scheduler.

Now A New List Appear . Click On Limit Reservable Bandwidth.
Just Disable it.

Now You Click On Apply .

That's It Now You Are Done !! :)

Now Just Restart Your Computer . And I hope You will Get change in Your Speed

Some Basic Tricks From My Side-

1. Use IDM To Boost Your Downloading Speed.

2. Use A Good Anti-virus in Your Computer.

3. Remove Unwanted Add-ons, Software,Unwanted Files Form Your Computer.

4.Update Your Drivers Periodically.

5.Keep A Good Maintennance Of Your Computer.

So I Hope this tricks was useful for you !!

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