Sunday, 8 April 2012

How To Uninstall Any Software Or Progam Within A Single Click

Hello to all . i hope you all are fine today i am come with a new trick which is quite amazing trick that help us to uninstall any program or software within a single click from your own pc . we know that always we uninstall all the programs and applications  by going to control panel.
but guys this is not a trick just it's very amazing software that helps us to save our time . this software helps us to install any program from it's shortcut. this software known as menu uninstaller. this  software works in all windows os like xp , vista and windows 7.

so if any one want how this software works then follow given below steps

1. First You download menu uninstaller and then install it in ur pc

Click Here For Download menu Uninstaller Software

2. after installing this software . now you click on any software or application shortcut that you just want to uninstall. when  you right click on it then just take a look at the screenshot


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