Friday, 20 April 2012

How to Easily Search Videos On Youtube

As per the latest statistics ofyoutube 48 hours of videos are uploaded each minute.Now,you can imagine the number of videos that are available on youtube.It is the third most visited website oninternet according to alexaranking.Youtube has its search algorthim that gives relevant results most of the time.But like Gmail and Google it has also its own search operators that increases your search relevancy to much higher levels than a normal search.

How to Search Videos on You Tube Easily:

Search You Tube channel:

If you want to search a video on a particular channel of a YouTube then add a word channel with your query separated by comma. See this example:
Royal wedding, channel

Force YouTube to include a term by using “+” sign

Sometimes youtube drops some of your words during search.You can force youtube to include those words by prceding the word with “+” sign.

Search High-Quality Videos:

If you want only High Quality search results for your query then in the search field give your query and HD functions with it separated by comma. This will give you either 720p (1280*720) or 1080p (1920*1080 Pixels) search result.
The king’s speech trailer, HD

Search 3D Video Clips:

For this in the search field give your query and a word 3Dseparated by comma. This will show all 3D video clips related to your query.
Avatar, 3D

Search for Playlists:

To search an album or playlist of any singer then in the search field give singer name and a function playlistseparated by comma.
Metallica, playlist

Use of Dual Functions:

You can also mix any of the above functions together to get more accurate search results.
Mission impossible +2011, HD


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