Saturday, 7 April 2012

Convert Any Picture Into Facebook Smiley

Hey Its my another a facebook trick on same day, I cant believe it because i dont like posting about facebook. But Trick is so much interesting so i ma posting here
You can convert you facebook picture into a smiley, here is a simple trick i will explain it with pictures.

Step 1: if you want to make smiley of your own pic then just click to you profile.
Step 2: now look into address bar, you see a facebook link end with a big number.

for security purpose i am hiding my full number.
step 3: Now just copy this number and paste it in chat box with [[]].
like if number is 1110987654 then use it as [[1110987654]]

now just send it.
you can use another things like send tricks for you logo then send number of our page.
send number as shown as last.

its cool na so try it.....


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