Friday, 18 May 2012

Google Adsense Quick Approval Tips Working

how to get approved for adsense in less than a month and with web traffic less than 50 
  • The biggest reason is Copy-Paste. Dont copy from others blog and websites. Google hate copy paste.
  •  Always use top-level domain like .com, .info, etc because Google loves top level domain and hates sub domain. but You can use blogger it take more time.
  •  Have a rich amount of content on your blog / website because if you will have less content Google will say that your site is under construction. So have at least  15-20 blog post or 20-25 web pages before going for adsense approval.
  •  Check that your blog / website does not have broken links because if you have broken links then Google will easily get the reason for disapproving your website and will say that the pages of your site are not bounded properly or do not have in links. 
So keep these points in mind.... 

So according to me these were the reasons that every one should keep in mind before going for ad sense approval. And one thing more I want to clarify that it is not necessary that your blog / website should be 6 months old or have reasonable amount of visitors before having Google adsense approved.


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