Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How To Watch YouTube Videos On 3D

How To Watch YouTube Videos On 3D

Youtube videos are now available with an option of 3D videos. This means now you can watch videos in 3D online. The only thing you required is your 3D glasses. Last Year Youtube launched its additional creator tool Betato convert your uploaded videos form 2D to 3D with just one click.

Now this feature is added to youtube to watch any video in 3D but only a few videos shows this 3D watch option. Even 1080p videos don't show this option. But this feature is being added so this will be available for every video soon.

this new feature will also enhance the video viewing experience of users.So i will suggest to get your 3D glasses soon so that you can enjoy this feature and enjoy 3D videos online.

So we have this video here which shows the option. enjoy your tube video in 3D.


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