Monday, 14 May 2012

How To Protect Your Blog From Hackers

How To Protect Your Blog From Hackers Using Simple Steps
Matt Cutts
Hi friends, you all know i use blogger platform for my site. But why i choose blogger and how i start blogging. When i was studying in appin, I got a mail from my teacher to follow his blog, I saw and think he knows nothing about web desgining , How he made a website, how much money he spent. After that i got to know my friend sumit also has a blog, I asked him about this and he told me about . Before starting this blog i didn't know about blogger, wordpress or any other platform. Even I didn't know about any type of CMS. So I choose blogger, (Google's security, free subdomain, free hosting, easy to use control panel. I must say if you have a little knowledge about seo you will choose wordpress only. If i rank between three popluar CMS for seo it will be Like this
(1) Wordpress (2) Joomla (3) Blogger
But if i made my blog on wordpress that time, It would have hacked several times.  Blogger has everything but for seo you will have to work hard. I don't know why this problem exist with a platform that relates to google. Here is a video that tells us how do you protect our blog from hackers
In every video you will see matt cutts only if you want to visit their site
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Most of you want to know how search works, and speacially seo beginners
This video is about how Google social search works


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