Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Learn How To Use Multiple Gmail Accounts Step By Step

G-Mail is the most reliable open source email app on the world. I have many domains and  personal email IDs  but I still use G-Mail for my official/personal use. I have more than 8 G-Mail ids , so I have installed 5 Web browsers to access different email IDs in different browsers as multiple G-Mail log-in was not possible easily. But now after Google redesigned the G-Mail and Google account interface, They have  added lot of new features to enrich customer experience. Multiple accounts usage is one of those features.
By using this option you can access more than one Gmail accounts at a time. You can login as many number of gmail accounts as you wish. You can log out a particular account if needed or you can also log out all accounts at once.

  • Log in to your GMail account.
  • Click on your Profile picture on right top of  the Gmail account.
  • And select Account settings .
gmail settings

  • In the Accounts settings, Change Multiple Log in option to on.
multiple sign in
  • Save the settings.
  • Restart your browser and log off Gtalk account.
  • Log in again and click on the Switch account Option from your profile tab.
switch gmail accounts
  • Click on Sign in to another account option.
  • Now you can switch between two accounts  when ever necessary. You can also add as many accounts as you need.


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