Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts will help you to get the work done faster on Windows 8, but also help you to save time and effort. With the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft has completely overhauled the system of keyboard shortcuts that utilize the ubiquitous Windows Key, and as you'll soon discover, virtually ever letter in the alphabet is now assigned to some function. Keyboard shortcuts are always handy to use and help you to stop mousing around and become a keyboard maestro.
Today we provide you the list of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Charms and Apps

Windows logo key+K – Connections
Windows logo key+Z – Flip open apps
Windows logo key+H – Display Share Charms
Windows logo key+Q – Search
Windows logo key+C – Toggle control
Windows logo key+. – Snap app to the left
Windows logo key+Shift+. – Snap app to the right
Alt+F4: Close an app 

Desktop and Windows

Windows logo key+D – Open Desktop 
Windows logo key+, – Peek at desktop
Windows logo key+B – Back to desktop
Windows logo key+Y – Temporarily look at the desktop
Windows logo key+PrntScrn – Take screenshot and save to Pictures
Windows logo key+Tab - Open switch list
Windows logo key+U – Open Ease of Access Center
Windows logo key+Spacebar – Switch language and keyboard
Windows logo key+T – Preview open windows in taskbar 


Windows logo key+Enter – Launches Narrator
Windows logo key+F – File Search
Windows logo key+I – Settings
Windows logo key+X – Open system utility settings menu


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