Monday, 14 May 2012

The Top/Best Facebook Extensions for Google Chrome

Extensions for Chrome have all types of uses, allowing you to do virtually anything with the Google browser.  Customizing the social networking giant Facebook is one area where these add-ons come in very handy. The following 20 Chrome extensions, displayed in alphabetical order, are intended to make your life on Facebook much better.

Alwittizer Facebook Enhancer

Alwittizer Facebook Enhancer makes some practical adjustments to the website's interface, including keeping the main menu bars in fixed locations as you scroll up and down the page.

Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Skin
Beautify Facebook

Beautify Facebook vastly improves the overall appearance of the social networking site by making a number of minor visual upgrades.

Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Skin is an extension with a cause. After installation, all of Facebook's pages and components are colored in the pink and purple shades synonymous with the breast cancer awareness movement.

EZ Facebook Overlay

EZ Facebook Overlay places Facebook on top of the Web page you are currently viewing without opening a new window or tab.

Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat places a button linked to the site's chat component on your browser's main toolbar.

Facebook Chat History Manager

Facebook Chat History Manager stores an archive of your chat history on your local hard drive, allowing you to view it at any time.

Facebook Colored

Facebook. Colored. lets you customize the appearance and colors of several Facebook components. 

Facebook Dashboard

Facebook Dashboard gives you the ability to perform several common Facebook tasks from one simple interface.

Facebook Likes
Facebook Invite All

Facebook Invite All lets you select your entire Friends List with one click of the mouse. 

Facebook Likes integrates Facebook's Like button directly into the browser's default toolbar.

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