Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What Is Zurker ? A New Social Networking Site

Truth About Zurker ? What Is Zurker ?How Zurker Works

Zurker: A New Social Network You Can Count On Written by Ram kumar in Social Media - Print This Post Review of: Zurker Price:FREE Reviewed by: Ram kumar Rating: 4 On April 11, 2012 Summary: Zurker is a brand-new Social Network. It's not just any social network. More Details A social network is a place where you interact with your friends, discover new people and causes that are worth fighting for. It represents a place that you feel to be perfect for hanging out and talking, listening to music, engaging in serious conversations and even finding love. There are countless reasons why you should be interested in becoming a member on a social network but the most important one is the following: what does it bring to the table that other social networks do not have? To answer to that question, we will present Zurker, the newest and perhaps the most interesting social network. If you are a faithful user of the Internet world, then you have probably gone from one social network to the other, hoping that you will find one that satisfied all of your needs. You are probably tired of social networks that are owned by large corporations and where you do not have any right to take decisions. With Zurker, things could not stand any more differently, because this social network is based on the kind of transparency you would not expect from such a business. For of all, you should know that members receive Zurker virtual shares and they are co-owners of Zurker, increasing their number of shares the more members they recruit. Zurker: Transparency + Entertainment = New Era We have mentioned the word transparency and you have every right to wonder about that. Well, with Zurker, you will see that the open-books policy actually happens and that you will be able to see all the income that has been generated online. Is this enough to make you want to stay and be a faithful member of Zurker? Surely no, but it represents a fairly good start. As a co-owner, you will be able to take part in the decision making process and this is definitely a very big advantage to consider. Plus, you have to understand that Zurker is the kind of social network that welcomes and embraces diversity, having localized versions in countries such as US, UK, India, Australia and Canada. One of the most often used words when it comes to social networks is tag. We all know how to tag a person in a photo, in a conversation or at a certain location and somehow all of this represents a very fun way to interact with others and let them know where you are and what you are doing. Zurker takes things to a completely new level, guaranteeing increased control whereas the actual tagging process is concerned. For example, if you have tagged someone and you have changed your mind, you can un-check that tag. Or, if you have tagged a person and your email inbox is filled with messages of what that person is doing, you can stop these updates from being sent. You cannot know if something is worth your while if you do not give it a chance. With Zurker, you have all the advantages that were presented here and even more. Just take into consideration the private messaging system that is perfect for swapping confidential information, the page system that is 100% recommended for various causes or the increased privacy that is guaranteed to all the members of the social network. Allow yourself the time to discover this completely new concept and you will surely not have any regrets in the end. Start your very own adventure with Zurker by choosing your member ID and soon you will spend your time in the most exciting way that is possible. Zurker is here and there is no better time than the present to explore it. Lets connect on Zurker and get some Shares.



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