Thursday, 24 May 2012

How to Preserve a Bathing Suit Step By Step

Finding the perfect bathing suit takes time and effort, and a good swimsuit can be costly. From the first time you put it on, the sun, pool chemicals, salt and sunscreen take a toll on the suit. The washing machine and dryer are also harmful to the suit's fabric. Treat your suit with the care it deserves, and you'll get more wear out it and a better return on your investment. Does this Spark an idea?

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Washing the Bathing Suit


Wash your bathing suit by hand after every use. Fill the sink with cold water and a mild lingerie soap. Add the suit.

Gently move the bathing suit up and down in the sink several times to get rid of all traces of sunscreen, sand and chlorine. Let it soak about 10 minutes.

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Rinse the bathing suit thoroughly with cool water to remove all traces of the soap.

Wrap the bathing suit in a towel, and gently squeeze out the excess water.


Hang the bathing suit to dry, either in your shower or on a clothesline out of direct sun. Let it dry for 24 hours before wearing it again. This will help the elastic return to its original shape.

Wearing the Bathing Suit

Alternate wearing your bathing suits if you have more than one. This will allow each suit to dry completely between wearings.


Be careful where you sit in your bathing suit. Sitting on the rough edge of the pool or leaning up against the side of the pool may snag the fabric. Spread out a towel to sit on.

Wear a different bathing suit after swimming if you plan to sunbathe. When you sunbathe in the same suit you wore in the ocean or the pool, the pool chemicals and/or salt is heated by the sun and makes the suit wear out more quickly.


Purchase an extra, inexpensive suit strictly for hot tub use. The chemicals in the water, combined with the heat, will fade and stretch your suit quickly. After being in the hot tub, wash your suit as soon as possible.

Read more: How to Preserve a Bathing Suit |


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