Saturday, 5 May 2012

World's First Internet-Enabled Wi-Fi Headphones / Get Internet Enabled Wi-fi Head Phones

Koss STRIVA - Wi-Fi Internet HeadphonesKoss Corporation has a long history in the headphone business going back to the beginning of "Hi-Fi" stereo headphones in the 1950s. It seems fitting, then, that Koss announced this week availability of the world's first Wi-Fi headphones with built-in Internet connectivity. The Koss Striva products feature both in-ear and over-the-ear models that connect via Wi-Fi to a local network. Through a local access point, the headphones receive audio programming as configured by users via accounts they set up on the online portal. A small bridge device Koss calls a Content Access Point can also be connected to devices like phones or MP3 players for offline streaming.
The price tag for Koss Striva runs between USD $450 and USD $500. As cool as this technology is, that's a very high price to pay for headphones. Is "cutting the cord" worth it?


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